Tumi is known for creating high-end suitcases and bags for travel based in Edison, New Jersey. Psyop was assigned to create a spot for them to promote thier suitcases. As a compositor, I worked on several shots on this project, touching just about everything coming in. This is the latest project I have gotten back from them. Enjoy!

Each year, Psyop recruits thier interns to create a promotional video with the idea of the Egg in the Psyop logo. My team of three and myself making four created this video starting in late June and ending in early August. The next video just below this text is the breakdown I made for it. Enjoy!

From my time as an intern at Psyop, I have followed along a mentor who had given me a curriculum that was based off of the real experience as being a compositor for Psyop. While this curriculum was going on, I was put on projects in-between that time. These projects consist of Cricket Wireless, Tumi, and Apex Legends. In that time, the other interns and I were assigned to create our own animation that is tradition at Psyop for their interns to do. Each year, the interns create an animation, in any style or design they want. This year for us, our team created a game related animation to match the style of The Psyop Drop #02 (video game related). Once all these projects become public, I will be sharing them shortly. In the meantime, be on the look out for updates! -Nicholas Neff